February 15, 2018

Rochester Wrestling Presents the Spartan Wrestling Academy

ZW, ZB, and ZG Wrestlers and Parents:

I am EXCITED, PUMPED, and ECSTATIC to be able to bring this opportunity to our wrestlers at all levels. Starting in April, the RWC will be sponsoring the Spartan Wrestling Academy right here in our wrestling room. Manchester University Head Wrestling Coach, Kevin Lake will be coaching the Academy and will be including his coaches and wrestlers in each session. The Academy will run from April thru September, 2 or 3 days per week depending on if you are a beginner or advanced sign up, and will take the place of our summer camp. Yes, the Academy will cost money but let me break it down for you...

For the advanced wrestler:

Last year we attended the Jeff Jordan Camp. Great camp for $385 per wrestler. It was hard and our kids enjoyed it. They had about 15 hrs of instruction and about 10 hours of live wrestling. The Spartan Academy is $60/month or $360 for 6 months. But, all Rochester kids get a $10 discount per month, so your cost is $300 for 6 months. That is cheaper than ANY camp we could go to. Included in that price is 84 hours of instruction and 42 hours of live wrestling. Our wrestlers will be getting 5 1/2 times more instruction and 4x more live wrestling. More importantly, your wrestlers will learn from a Coach that has had success at every level of NCAA Wrestling and wrestle with guys competing at the collegiate level. No matter how you look at it, our kids are WINNING! I know that Drew and Justin have mentioned going back to the Jeff Jordan Camp on their own and taking advantage of the Spartan Academy. If families can afford it, wrestlers want to make that commitment, and schedules work out...I say...GO FOR IT! I will help families any way I can.

For the beginner wrestler:

If you are a beginner it's only $30/month or $180 for 6 months. Again, that's cheaper than any beginner camp you will find. You are getting almost 50 hours of instruction and live wrestling. At any camp, the most you will get is 12-15 hours of instruction and live wrestling.

Also, all wrestlers that take advantage of the Spartan Academy will need to have a USA Wrestling Card. This is a $40 cost to you but covers your wrestler with supplemental insurance in case of injury for one full year. If you are a Zebra Gold Wrestler, you already have one.

I have attached our off-season calendar (April thru July) and a flyer describing the Academy. Here is the link to register online. SPARTAN ACADEMY REGISTRATION.

Coach Lake and I have been friends since we were teammates at Manchester...over 20 years. There isn't anyone I respect more as a coach and a person. Kevin, in fact, was my first assistant coach when I became the head coach at Rochester. The kids that wrestled on those teams still speak highly of Coach Lake. He will treat our kids right! Many of our wrestlers know him personally and really enjoy his coaching; as well as, his other coaches and the Manchester wrestlers. 

Lastly, the RWC or Clint Gard are making NO money from this Academy. All payments made by you, go directly to pay Coach Lake. My payment will come in the form of each wrestler's success next season. That's all I need!

As always, if you need help registration or have any questions at all, please feel free to email me or call me at 574-835-1732.

Coach Gard

PS: While you are registering for the Spartan Academy, take a minute to register for our Awards Banquet on Saturday, April 7th, 2018.  Banquet Info and Registration