February 19, 2018

Questions/Answers for the Spartan Wrestling Academy


There have been some questions come up concerning registration and payment for the SWA. Hopefully I can address them and clear up some confusion.

First, I have attached a NEW calendar. The Beginner's Group was listed for practice at 3 days/week and should only be 2 days/week. Monday and Thursday only, 5-6pm.

If you pay online, you will notice that the $$ amount looks different when you first log in. Don't worry about it. The company I use had to set it up that way, BUT when you go to register and make your choice as a beginner or an advanced wrestler, it will automatically change the pricing and you will see the change.

Lastly...you are a Rochester kid if you are in Zebra White and Zebra Black. You are a Rochester kid if you are in Zebra Gold and joined our club by purchasing your USA card under our the RWC banner. You receive a $10/month discount. Now, that won't show up initially...again the company I use for the website, couldn't do the discount for our kids without it really getting messy. If you pay online, I will reimburse you the $10/month. If not, then take the $10/month off your total when you pay by check or cash.

Again, if you have questions, please email me at clint.gard@zebras.net or call/text me at 574-835-1732.

Coach Gard