October 25, 2018

30 (Very Important) Minutes of Your Time!

Good Morning Zebra White, Black, and Gold Parents,

To help us get the resources to keep wrestling at a championship level, we’re launching an online fundraising campaign with Reaching Our Goal. We did one last year with a different company. This is much easier and requires less time and meetings on our part.

Snider HS Wrestling in Fort Wayne uses the same program with great success.

There’s no selling, knocking on doors or spending hours at events. 

It’s essential that every one participate because it will take just 30 minutes from home and the results will benefit the entire Zebras Wrestling family. Please go here: https://www.reachingourgoal.org/SEXGPB

Sign in using your son’s name and his or your email address. Make up your own password. Then … 

1. Add a picture of him (optional but recommended).

2. Add the email and/or cell number of 15 adults who know and care about him who can live anywhere.

3. If you have more than one wrestler involved, just do one "campaign page" for the family.

We’re not looking for neighbors or people in town. Instead, think of who has an emotional connection with him. Like, Aunts/Uncles, close family friends, grandparents, mentors, family doctor, etc. That’s all you need to do!

What Happens Next

Personalized messaging will be sent to your connections with a link to our team campaign page. They will read about our wrestling program and our goal. Donations are voluntary and can be made securely by credit card or by check.

It's VERY important that everyone do this small assignment as quickly as possible so we can put the funds to work for this season as soon as possible. I did my personal "coaches" page yesterday and I've already raised $275 for our K-12 program.

I would like every family in our program to have this done before the parent meetings coming up on Thursday, November 1st (Zebra Gold) and Monday, November 5th (Zebra White and Black)

See attached instruction sheet. Any questions, please feel free to reach to me or Jon at Reaching Our Goal (jon@reachingourgoal.org).

Coach Gard